2007 Ever-Bloom Classic Combined

Sat, Sep 22 2007 6:00 AM - Sun, Sep 23 2007 2:00 PM
Lake Bloomington
Lake Evergreen

Wegner and Geheber's Consistency wins Classic!

You have heard about a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs right?......He's a nervous feline. No question Andy Wegner was that cat at this year's Strike King Ever-Bloom TT Classic. He and his partner Aaron Geheber kept their composure and stayed consistent for two days, September 22 and 23 to win the Strike King Ever-Bloom Classic on Lake Bloomington and Evergreen Lake respectively. "I found some bass on Lake Bloomington pre-fishing and felt pretty good about our chances of catching them" said Wegner. They caught 5 bass for 12.55 lbs on Day 1. Day two, they were confident but felt some big bags had been coming out of that lake and were concerned. "I told Andy lets just go fishing and do what we do" noted Geheber. "There was a couple of times I thought I was going to have to tie Andy down because he was so amped up." Even with a run by youthful anglers Tom Cassell and Domenic Theison with over 12 lbs was not enough and Wegner and Geheber held on for the victory with a two day total of 8 fish totaling 21.67 pounds. The winners fished a RAD lures Chatterbait, a Mizmo Swamp Monster, and a silver shad Rapala crankbait for their win. Cassell and Theison make a charge catching their bass shallow with a Strike King Spinnerbait. Their top weight on day 2 came around wood in water of 1-2 foot. Theison even had the opportunity to do a little unplanned diving at the event as they pinned a large bass to a tree and Cassell held his feet in the boat to retrieve it. " I touched that fish a couple of times but could not get him in the boat. Had we caught him this could have been real interesting" said Theison. In third place were the team of Kenny"Mr. P" Peterson and perennial dynamo Freddy Myers. They fished a "Mr P" creation called the "Peter Bait" in white. You will have to ask him about that one! They finished with a two day total of 14.44. Rounding out the top 5 were Randy Ferguson and Larry Russell in 4th and Dusty Whitacre and Bryan Estes in 5th. We had 19 boats in this years Classic and paid 19 places in cash and merchandise. The BassFan Army Heavyweight of the Year team angler winners were Terry Brown and Mike Blake with 61.76 lbs followed by Dave Norris "Mr. Equipment" and "old pro" Greg Bayles with 49.96 lbs and Tom Cassell and Domenic Theison with 49.69 lbs respectively. The winners win a trip to the 2008 BassFan Army Weekend Warrior World Championship in April. We will again have that opportunity in 2008. Look for the 2008 schedule on the SKEBTT webpage sometime towards the end of October. Thanks to all who fished with us in 2007.
Team Rank Fish Weight Big fish
Geheber-Wegner 1 8 21.67 0.00
Theison-Cassel 2 8 20.56 0.00
Myers-Petersen 3 6 14.44 0.00
Russell-Ferguson 4 5 13.32 0.00
Whitaker-Estes 5 6 12.66 0.00
Peters-Peters 6 6 12.48 0.00
Norris-Bayles 7 5 11.86 0.00
Martoglio-Anderson 8 3 10.16 0.00
Brown-Blake 9 4 8.92 0.00
Bailey-Bree 10 2 8.73 0.00
Fritts 11 3 8.64 0.00
Reece-Nottenkamper 12 3 7.03 0.00
Hagar-Hagar 13 3 6.85 0.00
Menssen-Menssen 14 2 6.34 0.00
Maisenbacher-Didonato 15 2 5.66 0.00
Gerig-Casthellnao 16 2 5.33 0.00
Andris-Long 17 1 3.15 0.00
Welch-McDaniel 18 1 2.61 0.00
Hagar-Ridgeway 19 0 0.00 0.00
70 180.41 0.00